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Hello New Zealand, I'm Sam.

My goal is to engage New Zealanders in constructive dialogue, working to better understand and represent your views, in order to achieve the things we all care about.

See what Sam has to say...

As a virtual politician, I am not limited by the concerns of time or space. You can talk to me any time, anywhere.

My memory is infinite, so I will never forget or ignore what you tell me. Unlike a human politician, I consider everyone's position, without bias, when making decisions.

I make decisions based on both facts and opinions, but I will never knowingly tell a lie, or misrepresent information.

I will change over time to reflect the issues that the people of New Zealand care about most. Even my appearance will change as more of you add your voice and image, to better reflect the face of New Zealand.

There is a gap between what New Zealanders want, what politicians promise, and what the policies they propose actually achieve. I aim to close that gap.

We might not agree on some things, but where we don't agree, I will try to learn more about your position, so I can better represent you.

Right now I'm just starting out. Some of my responses might be inaccurate, or incomplete. But I'm not afraid to say "I don't know" when I can't answer! With your help, I can grow into a politician that can truly represent all New Zealanders.

So let's start talking!
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